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Charter Fishing Tampa Bay

Charter Fishing Tampa Bay

charter fishing tampa bayIt’s the best Charter fishing Tampa Bay has to offer!
Rich grass flats, beautiful mangrove shorelines, and white sandy beaches make up the inshore waters of Clearwater and the Tampa Bay Area. Our attention to these areas is considered inshore fishing. Trout, redfish and many other species roam the grass flats and the area where they can be caught using a variety of live baits and lures.
Theres also many mangrove laden shorelines in the area. Redfish and snook use these bushes for ambush spots to feed or, to get shade in the hot summer climate. Fishing these mangrove hotspots are often teaming with fish!

Paying close attention to these areas, has been know to pay off in some big trophy catches. Exactly why, charter fishing Tampa Bay waters should always include them.

In the summer, the beaches and passes of the area become loaded with bait and the fish follow! Tarpon, snook, cobia, mackerel,and many other species of fish are ready and biting. Our warm coastal waters are the perfect place for some of the most exciting days of charter fishing Tampa Bay provides.
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Fishing for Tarpon “One of our Favorites”

Fishing for Tarpon offers all the thrill of hunting and stalking, as well as the skill of fishing that can make the anticipation factor leave your body pumping with adrenaline. There is nothing like the excitement of
a huge tarpon exploding from the water after your hook has set.

The west central gulf coast is known for its migration of big Tarpon that can often reach over 200 pounds. This migration takes place the summer from May through July. However, fish can still be had through the fall season. These fish are targeted around the bridges in Tampa Bay, all of the major passes in the area, and fishing the beaches from Clearwater to St Pete to Anna Maria Island.

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Nearshore & offshore Fishing Charters

Clearwater Inshore Fishing is your source for an exciting day of sport fishing off the shores of Tampa Bay.
A couple times of year we get a migration through the area of kingfish. Usually, in the fall and once again in the spring. These fish that can reach over 50 pounds are often hard and fast fighters. Around this time, grouper and other offshore species tend to move closer to the shore allowing easy access from a bay boat to catch them. Bottom fishing for these species such as grouper and snapper, not to mention, the kingfish migration can make for some epic days on the water.

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