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Fishing Report

Snook and Tarpon Steal the Show!

Snook and Tarpon are stealing the show. It has been many years since I have seen Snook fishing as good as it is right now. Tarpon fishing is also great right now in the Clearwater Area. We had a few day break with Tropical Storm Colin coming through. The water was rough and dirty for about 5 days. Let me tell you that when it cleared, it was some of the best fishing I have seen and should continue for some time to come.


Snook have invaded the beaches and passes. I think when I say invade, that Is an understatement. We have had days where we didn’t move the boat for an hour and caught over 30 fish with the majority of them being over 30 inches and a couple over 40 inches. We are finding all these fish in all the passes and along the beaches. Most of the fish are schooled up and it is not uncommon to find over 100 fish together. Whitebait, Pinfish, and grunts have all been working. Both the incoming and outgoing tide have been producing fish.


Tarpon have also shown up in good numbers. It seems that more fish showed up after the storm and they were hungry. Since the storm, we have been able to have multiple hookups on each trip that we have targeted them. Crabs, Threadfins, and pinfish have all been working. These fish have been cruising the beaches and passes in the area. We have also been finding many of our fish over a mile off the beach. These fish are a little harder to find but when you do find them, you have them all to yourself. We have been finding fish from Clearwater pass up to Anclote Key in the Tarpon Springs Area.


Trout fishing is still pretty good. I’ll be honest though, it is hard to get away from the Snook to fish for them. They have made their way to the beaches and passes. Most of our bigger fish have been caught while Snook fishing. Greenbacks have been the go to bait for Trout.

The Redfish bite is also really good right now. It is the summer grind of beating up mangrove lines and docks. With the water temps rising, these fish can get lazy and just wait for an opportunity to present itself. Live or dead greenbacks under a float placed right along the mangroves can usually entice a strike. Chumming heavily will also get these fish going.


Don’t wait to book your trip. Now is the best time to try to get a true Inshore Grand Slam (Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, and Trout). We have already had 2 in the last week. It is a great time to take the kids fishing with school being out and the Snook fishing being so hot.


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