About the Charter

The Boat

We will be fishing out of a 22 Ranger bay boat powered by a 2019 Mercury 4 Stroke. The boat is fast, stable, and dry. It has plenty of dry storage and is equipped with 3 livewells to make sure we will never run out of bait. It is able to get into the shallowest of waters to chase redfish or head offshore to some of the reefs. It has a Minn Kota Trolling motor to sneak up on fish that are laid up in shallow water where I can deploy my Power Pole anchor to hold us in place. The boat is also equipped with a hummingbird side imaging depth finder. You will be amazed to see the screen when a school of tarpon is swimming under the boat and it looks like you are looking at them through a camera. The boat will always be in top shape when you are picked up for a charter. I get razzed all the time about how clean I keep it.

Rods and Reels

All of my rod and reels setups are going to be set up with Fin-Nor reels reels spooled with Spiderwire Ultracast in the appropriate pound test mounted on Star Rods.

  • Suncoast Marine 150x38 - Suncoast Marine
  • Mercury 150x30 - Mercury
  • Power Pole 150x31 - Power Pole
  • Bobs Machine Shop 75x75 - Bobs Machine Shop
  • Surreel Lures 150x44 - Surreel Lures
  • Barracuda Script with yearAsset 5 2x b9a8f942 4c60 43fc 84c4 74671331f20e 270x@2x 150x48 - Barracuda Tackle